09.03.2021 20:51

Dear brothers and sisters!

This week the following services will be held at the Church of St. Nicholas in Hobro:

Cheese week - straight.

Monday, March 8, at 5 pm - evening service, confession.
Tuesday, March 9, at 9.00 - holy prayer with holy water, confession, hours, liturgy.
The first (IV) and second (452) finding of the head of John the Baptist.

Thursday, March 11, at 17.00 - akathist of St. Nikolai, memorial service for the dead.

Saturday, March 13, at 5 pm - evening service, confession.
Sunday, March 14, at 9.30 am - confession, hours, liturgy.
Cheese week. Forgiveness Sunday Remembrance of Adam's exile. Voice 7.
Conception for Great Lent. (Lent begins on Monday, March 15).

St. Evdokia (160-170).
St. Nestor og Trivimia (III).St. Antonina (III-IV). St. Markella and Antonia. Ærværdig Domnina Syrian (ca. 450-460). Ærværdig Martyria Zelenetsky (1603)

Dear brothers and sisters!

In connection with the new rules of restriction on divine services, parishioners can stay in the church for no more than 30 minutes ...
Because of this, we begin the divine service - with closed doors, and for Communion, at 11.00 - we will open it to everyone. We would like to inform you that no more than 35 people can be in the church in Hobro - according to the area of ​​the temple ... and only by appointment ...

Serves fr. Andrey Zhalbe 60-51-99-15.
Address: Onsildgade 1, 9500 Hobro.