To the attention of the parishioners of the church in Hobro!

20.02.2021 21:19

Dear brothers and sisters!

We remind you that at the request of the Danish authorities at the service in the church of St. Nicholas in Hobro can be strictly no more than 35 people! These 35 people should register with Fr. Andrew by e-mail These 35 people arrive at the church NOT BEFORE 11.00. Until then, the door of the church will be closed. Write a short confession on paper so you don't have to confess verbally!

From 11.00 to 11.30 confession and communion will take place. At 11.30 sharp, everyone should leave. Read the thanksgiving prayers at home.

From 11.30 there will be airing of the church for 20 minutes. After that, those who wish can go to the memorial service. We ask you for these 20 minutes. do not stand in front of the doors of the church, which may cause suspicion and criticism from neighbors! Take a walk away from the church.

Please note that these requirements are strict! Those who come without an appointment will not be admitted to the church!

We hope for your understanding and a speedy resolution of this situation!

We are sorry!

Father Sergij